The Bank of England is studying for a spill of the UK from the EU

In 2017 a referendum will be held for the escape of the UK from the EU. The Bank of England is studying all possible scenarios both in terms of financial and political consequences also in planetary for the centrality of the City.In 2017 a referendum will be held for the escape of the UK from the EU. The Bank of England is studying all possible scenarios both in terms of financial and political consequences also in planetary for the centrality of the City.
If the UK will again dropped from the European Union will be able to hold even the leadership of the international financial markets? Clearly the aim is to bring the City to be the mainstay of trading international regaining the ground lost in favor of other financial centers. Evidently, British analysts see as ballast the political dependence on the decisions that are made in Brussels.

FLEE technique

The financial “Flee” technique allows to wipe funds, money. Money that can be both clean that dirty. So the old technique Matryoshka is now obsolete. Is no longer necessary to hide the money in other companies contained in a set of boxes contained in other boxes. The money is made to disappear immediately from the old location in an other  if it will be  under financial investigations. The money then reappears under a completely different place and above all clean and not connected to the old location. All tax systems of checks are thus rendered ineffective.

European quantitative easing

BCE will purchase of government bonds . BCE will buy  other kind of financial titles from banks : These actions permits enter new money in the European economy,. It stimulate bank lending to businesses and growing inflation. Sovereign states issue stocks that may be purchased by citizens and businesses and by the banks themselves. These bonds are used to support the economy of the nation that issues them. In fact, they allow you to have the liquidity necessary to send out projects, investments, guarantee loans and so on. With quantitative easing, the BCE buys securities from banks. In this way, banks will have the money to fund the loan to businesses and citizens. But QE decreases the value of money. As a result the prices of basic commodities increase. But then also the inflation increases. But since Europe is close to full deflation if the ECB inflation triggers you can create a balance between opposing tendencies. BUT this mechanism is easily obtainable? Unfortunately not much, indeed tends to become unstable. It could happen that suddenly prices rise in a completely ungovernable making further unstable the European market. This is the greatest danger. A danger more destructive than a war.

Euro in Carry Trade

The "carry trade" is the practice consisting   in speculative borrowing   money   in countries with lower interest rates, to change currency of countries with a greater return on investment so is to repay the debt is   to get  a  gain with same financial transaction.

Quantitative Easing

quantitative easing, many analysts think that might be a solution to the Eurozone. But we must ask ourselves,  is really so?   I think that the recent drop in oil prices allows us to obtain an alternative solution. The low cost of oil and oil derivatives will put both manufacturing companies   that consumers in the position to  spend much less for fuel. Are formed so the reserves of money that can be a lifeline for both production and for the consumer market. All we have to note that the situation of low prices for oil will not be a matter of months. Analysts expect a long period of low prices of this important energy source. Large enough to stabilize the eurozone without drastic corrective action.



Shortage of gas for Italy?

A severe economic instability of Russia or even Russia's policy would be a disaster for Italy. Italy depends for about 40% of the supply of gas from Russia. Actually the loss of value of the ruble  is unleashing.   All this is happening because  ,analysts , predicted further declines in the price for crude oil. But especially for the loss of the level of leadership of Russia   for its strong friction glue Europe and the US .    Italy must pursue the strategy  to cool tensions  that have aroused between Europe  and Russia. This can be achieved without leaving the Ukraine. But rather by integrating more and more  massively Russia glue economy  and European production.  The united Europe must learn to pursue its strategic goals compact.  I believe that the time    has come to build a real  supranational government    with great powers , throughout the European community.

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