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A new strategic role for Japan

Japan is rebuilding its fleet, this is evident from the two classes of helicopter carriers , Izumu class and Hyuga class  that have served in the Japanese navy in recent years. In fact, with the entry into service of the F 35B aircraft, these units would become aircraft carriers with considerable operational capabilities. There are four of them and they give Japan a real chance of deterrence and defence of their main economic area, namely the maritime trade routes.  If we add this observation to the massive investments that Japan as a nation and its multinationals are operating in South East Asia, we see that there is a complex action being taken - on the strategic and economic side - to counter Japan's advance into the Chinese sphere of influence throughout this area. Japan is also moving diplomatically with both South Korea and Taiwan to establish economic alliances that curb China's dynamism. This Japanese combined action is a remarkable novelty. Japan in Asia, like Germany in Europe, seems to want to take on a different role on the strategic chessboard than they have played since the second post-war. Both of these nations have such vast technological capabilities that they have to be taken seriously from this point of view.

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing your dreams, your plans, actually come to life, however immense they may have seemed initially. Rome July 2020

I have always been convinced that the interaction between the various areas of my passions was an engine of emotions and creations without limits. Once again I have direct confirmation of this, seeing engineering, art, science, economics, mathematics, structures, knowledge of group interactions between professionals and visionaries is an explosion of continuous enthusiasm.


hier, hier, wo ich versprochen habe
hier, wo die Zeit stehen bleibt
hier, wo Flügel nicht benötigt werden
hier, wo das Herz schwebt
hier ist noch hier

Italy needs to have an advanced research agency disconnected from the strangling bureaucracy and politics

Immediately after the shock of the sputnik launch, the USA built the famous ARPA. Its job was to “anticipate the unimagined weapons of the future”. How it was to do so was unclear. The agency ended up shaping the modern world, helping to create missile defence and stealth technology, as well as the internet, the personal computer, the laser and gps. It did so by rejecting normal procedures. Project managers were given enormous freedom to spend money on what they saw as the most promising technologies, creating communities of brilliant researchers united by a common vision.

ARPA tackled national-security problems unencumbered by bureaucratic oversight and uninhibited by the restraints of scientific review.

It takes a structure that brings together the best scientific minds, with breadth of funds for research and decision-making ability in a very short time. Furthermore, one must be aware that out of 100 projects (for example) supported, perhaps only one or two will lead to real success.

The success of the original ARPA was the product of a unique confluence of historical circumstance, government imperative and individual genius. Indeed, ARPA has struggled to reach its early heights, partly because of

its more limited remit.

As arpa demonstrates, unlikely bets do sometimes come off.



Il recente incidente nucleare accaduto in Russia sarebbe direttamente legato allo sviluppo di un sistema di arma missilistica a larghissima autonomia basato su un propulsore nucleare. Qualcosa che è molto affine a un progetto sviluppato negli Stati Uniti negli anni sessanta , lo SLAM , che venne poi accantonato . (maggiori notizie su uno dei miei blog al link :    By Alessandro Colace Chairman Alcolace Design




Good News : We Pass to third phase, a complete success !

mit prof Schoenberg and dott Treitschke , die Wissenschaftler, die mich operierten, indem sie mich retteten



Ultime pubblicazioni e lavori artistici

Arte celtica

è oggi disponibile per il mercato nordamericano un nuovo testo sulla tecnica ornamentale celtica applicata

Propulsori della seconda guerra mondiale

Visita i nostri scaffali elettronici per ordinare in tutta comodita da casa tua i nostri libri.

tecnologia,storia , ma anche poesia e sopra tutto ARTE

Negli ultimi due anni abbiamo intrapreso la strada verso il perfezionamento della indagine storica

opere d'arte

opere che arricchiscono la nostra vita e rendono vivi gli ambienti in cui soggiorniamo o ci rilassiamo.

Le case magnificenti

real estate and arts, clic over the lion



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I progetti in corso

un team internazionale a vostra disposizione


un team multidisciplinare che si applica ai vari campi della ingegneria e della fisica


opere artistiche da vivere e da acquistare


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