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10th Course in Aeronautical Design , Workout smartness in Structures, 12-21 August 2022 Munich

The course covers  technques to capture functional objectives, ideation of initial and  concepts, creating prototypes, and computer testing & design of production processes for smart materials and smart structures.


  • Smart Morphing Surfaces
  • Technical applications to all aero parts
  • New structural Equations (NS 4, EKJ)
  • Smart materials properties
  • Vibration  governance  surface with istantaneous adaptation
  • Energy efficiency on aeronautical smart structures
  • Piezoelectric fibers mixed with composite material
  • Uses of adaptative control surfaces
  • Hypersonic environment
  • Control of advanced space engines
  • Hybrid space engines
I want to thank in particular the friends of the Munich TUM who acted as a filter for the choice of advanced students who are particularly trained in the field of space engines


It is very interesting how the relativistic fluid models used in the presence of hypersonic shock stasis can be simulated in a sonic environment with the simultaneous presence of 3 fluids with very different characteristics. the government surfaces immersed in these environments are affected by turbulent flows that give rise to similar configurations despite being considerably different energy levels #relativisticfluid #hypersonic #fluidstructure  #interactionsurfaces #highenergyphysics


ever closer to the objective, the trend of the incidence of fine turbulence on the external structures of the spaceship indicates an ever more consistent modulation. Even in cases of high intensity maneuvers that lead to a complete revolution in persistent fluid dynamic structures. It is a considerable success both on structures with rapid response shape change, and on the computing power available on board which allows to predict, in small-scale turbulent fluid dynamics structures, the possible occurrences and then generate a series of profiles of quickly feasible change. Large and medium-sized government areas are now subject to third-generation statistical forecasts. We are moving towards a reconsideration of the ability to react and govern which involves 79% of the turbulent scales involved in the processes, both in the mesosphere and in the stratosphere. A magnificent result. Alessandro Colace

News in Real Estate 


It is interesting how a secondary activity, such as a real estate valuation, can be studded with elements of exceptional interest. This happens when various areas drawn from your passions appear in a stupendous dance that involves major and minor arts, taste for life, history, sentiment. Alessandro Colace




I propose you a splendid Penthouse on two floors, of more than 200 square meters, with terraces, finally, equipped with a covered parking space. In one of the most prestigious angles of the city of Munich. Alessandro Colace


News in Art


In partenza per la Germania 



New Vernissage with one of my works , in Swiss Federation 



Good News : We Pass to third phase, a complete success !

mit prof Schoenberg and dott Treitschke , die Wissenschaftler, die mich operierten, indem sie mich retteten



Ultime pubblicazioni e lavori artistici

Arte celtica

è oggi disponibile per il mercato nordamericano un nuovo testo sulla tecnica ornamentale celtica applicata

Propulsori della seconda guerra mondiale

Visita i nostri scaffali elettronici per ordinare in tutta comodita da casa tua i nostri libri.

tecnologia,storia , ma anche poesia e sopra tutto ARTE

Negli ultimi due anni abbiamo intrapreso la strada verso il perfezionamento della indagine storica

opere d'arte

opere che arricchiscono la nostra vita e rendono vivi gli ambienti in cui soggiorniamo o ci rilassiamo.

Le case magnificenti

real estate and arts, clic over the lion



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alcuni Video



Alfa 135

Ultimi Dipinti

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I progetti in corso

un team internazionale a vostra disposizione


un team multidisciplinare che si applica ai vari campi della ingegneria e della fisica


opere artistiche da vivere e da acquistare


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